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Money Mindset & Manifesting Masterclass


The Midas Touch, money mindset & manifesting bundle for musicians...
This manifestation toolkit for musicians is filled with useful hacks, tips, and tricks, which you can use daily to give your mindset and your wallet a juicy cash boost. No fluff, this is helpful real-life,  easy ways you can bring more gigs, bookings, cash flow, ease, and abundance into your daily life which you can get started with right away.

"Sprinkle glitter and gold on your creative projects and watch them bring you cash, clients, and an abundance of creative ideas"

Manifesting your dream career, dream job and dream life is not meant to be hard, Badass!

..But with so many tips out there it can feel overwhelming to get started, feel like you have to invest a ton of time, and can leave you feeling in a hot manifested mess!

That's why I have created a resource kit with all my practical manifesting tips, tricks, tools and templates, all wrapped up in a magical two-part masterclass with an abundance bundle to help you on your way!


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Sat in a cafe, on a cold and rainy Saturday evening in the north of England, I put my first ever manifesting tip to the test.

I was broken hearted and down beat at the time, a skint performer to boot. I wanted so much more for my life and I knew I was destined for so many great things, but I just felt so stuck.

So, I took myself out for a coffee and sat in the window of a cafe, with a brand new empty journal in front of me and I started to write what I really, truly wanted...

Within just ONE WEEK I had been booked for a European tour, a jazz tour in France and singing in some of the most luxurious 5 star venues i'd ever seen - see the a photo of me below!  

But you see, the trick is, it isn't what I had written on my paper that was the important thing, there were some accidental yet essential steps I followed which helped me make my dreams a reality, you see, there are so many extra steps to manifesting - a LOT more than just dreaming, vision boarding and lighting an abundance candle (these things are just one part of the process!)

For the first time ever, I have documented my processes, so you too can put them into practice and manifest the dream business, clients, money, houses,  holidays,  gigs,  tours, and careers of your dreams. 


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The Midas Touch

Have you ever wanted to know how to manifest more magic in your music and performing arts career?

This manifestation workshop and bundle of awesomeness will give you all the tools, tips, and tricks I have learned in my 16 years of being a pro and making money

both on stage, and off stage.

This value-packed bundle will help you to:

Give your mindset a great boost, so you can create your dream life, career, and get the gigs you want to, with ease!

✅ Learn fundamentally EASY, practical money-making tips to implement immediately in your life 

✅ Get more gigs, and more bookings, build your audience, and watch your projects bloom!

WHERE? You will get LIFETIME access to the course upon purchase 



The Midas Touch 

Magical Manifesting Masterclass for  Performers


What will you get?

💰1 x Midas Touch Manifesting Masterclass 60 min long video 


💰1 x 11 Top Manifesting Tips to activate your abundance 60 min long video

💰 1 x Tracking Tips Video with Templates (to help you magically create more wealth on a daily basis!)

💰 1 x Midas Touch Resource kit with templates for your vision board and other goodies, plus recorded visualization links 


And as if that wasn't enough to get you on your way, you will also get:

💰 A pre-recorded EFT tapping workshop from my "Make Way for More' monthly energy clearing workshop!!

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Kerri Layton's


After 16 years working in the biz as a professional performer, not only have I learned to spell the word professional right ;) but I have amassed some pretty badass business skills along the way, by setting up multiple organizations, which I am now ready to pass onto others.


I am on a mission to help create more financial sustainability in the performing arts industry, so all who work within it can live the lives they truly want and deserve.

You can work with me in a number of ways; attend my free workshops and seminars, download my workbooks, sign up to my group coaching program (coming soon!) or dive into

1-1 coaching to see fundamental, lasting results. 

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Get access to "The Midas Touch" here

Pay here and get immediate lifetime access to the manifesting bundle!


the one-time payment gets you instant lifetime access to:

2 x 60 min manifesting masterclasses

1 x tracking tips & templates 

1 x abundance resource kit 

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£111 lifetime access

Click here to download

The Midas Touch
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