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"Down to earth, driven, compassionate zero B.S"


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Productivity Strategist, Live Gig Fairy, Wealth and Money Goddess for Female Musicians! 


I am to my clients what coaches are to Olympic athletes. In our 1-1 work we go deep. Leaving no stone unturned, we look under every little rock, explore every little nook and cranny, and shine a bright light on the areas which need strengthening. Over the course of our time together we transform your mindset, implementing a bespoke business strategy built just for you, which leads you toward your desired goals. 

I have always loved working with people, I have always loved business and I have always been creative! 

Fusing my three passions together in this way to help others succeed is the cherry on my cake. 

Multi-passionatte, I have worked in the arts, education, and entertainment since I was 14 when was trusted with a community arts project at Welfare State International. I well and truly caught 'the bug', and since then I have built and founded many organizations, shows, and events.  I have taught, sang, and worked all over the world. Constantly striving for more knowledge, more self-development, and opportunities, for both myself and my clients. 


I have overcome many challenges, both personally and professionally to be where I am today - the owner of two online businesses, and an agency, and have a career as a singer.


A voice operation threatened my career, so I built Dixiebird Records, then I had to self-cancel due to a serious issue with a stalker (you can read all about that here) then as we all know, the pandemic which made life difficult for al of us, especially those in the arts. The one thing that has rung true for me and many of my clients is that adversities make you stronger, and, your WHY is the most important part of your career.

"It’s not only on the stage you shine the brightest, but it’s backstage, in the wings, amongst your darkest shadows of adversity."

​So whatever your personal and professional WHY is, and your reason for being here today, know that I've got you.


I've been there, I've made many mistakes and that is why I've rounded the knowledge of creative service-based businesses, both online and in real life, and have packaged them up to quickly help YOU leverage your dreams, and talents and make a profit out of your art. 

Let’s do this.

There are many ways you can get stuck into your business development journey. Visit my shop and buy some digital products. Join one of my group coaching programs. Your first coaching session is always on me, so if you are ready to invest in your growth on an epic scale, and want to know more about 1-1 coaching, book in for a transformational FREE coaching session. These are like GOLD MINES, in fact, I call them just that, in a "Gold Mine" session clients leave with such a great and clear perspective on their businesses, that they are immediately able to implement the changes. Leading to fast results! If I feel I can offer you support after our session, I will share some opportunities for us to work together, but in the first instance let's make some magic together. Book a call below.

Specialities & areas we can work on! 

Creative Event Consultancy

1-1 Coaching

Money Mindset

Energy Healing - Remove money blocks and allow recieve more success



Sales Strategy and Heart Centred Sharing - Perfect for highly sensitive people and empaths

Productivity planning

PR, creating and releasing Press Releases, Media Bio's and creating, or expanding your media profile


Artistic Direction and integrity 

Packages and promotions

Audience building, Fan Funnels and Organic Marketing

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