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Your next three
bookings await!

In this (FREE!) Exclusive Training Day, did I mention it's FREE?*

It's FREE!

What’s new, pussycat? It’s January 2024, and the bounce back from ye’old pandemic of yesteryear is REAL. However, despite a change of tide and upturn in the events kingdom, last year, Help Musicians UK conducted a groundbreaking musician census, marking the first of its kind in the industry. The results of this comprehensive survey are nothing short of eye-opening, finding that 50% of professional musicians working in the UK were earning just £14.5k per anum, compared to just 3% of musicians in the UK earning 70K and over. West-End producers predicted it would take over a decade for our amazing industry to bounce back, and we are also facing unprecedented closures of live music venues here in the UK, and the struggle feels real for lots of people working in live events and music. Contrary to predictions and census’s, however - the events and entertainment industry is worth over a staggering £42 BILLION POUNDS, and that's just the UK. I also see a very different reality with my agency which is inundated with requests for high-level musicians for amazing events and great clients. I also know first hand how easy it is when musicians have their stuff together to get them work, versus the musicians who don’t, or thoe musicians who have some crucial (yet easy to fix) components missing. This is precisely why I am organizing The Gig Goldrush—to equip and empower artists not only as their own agents but also to educate them on the secret sauce, marketing, and sales skills needed to truly thrive as modern live musicians in 2024. If this year you want to make a significant shift in your live music career so you can afford to have more time in the studio working on your recordings and upcoming releases, take some time to go on holiday, buy a new car or even just be able to effortlessly buy groceries without looking at the price tag (cost of living dream goals!) then The Gig Goldrush is the place for you to book in AT LEAST your next three high-paying gigs of the year.

This first event is gratis, free, nada, zero charge - that is because it's the first of its kind. Future events will have a cost attached, so jump in now while you can. 


To be successful in live music in 2024 you need to get comfortable in both hats - music and  your business hat

Why trust me?

I am your host, Kerri Layton. Takes a bow. Nice to meet you! In addition to sporting some fabulous outfits (why, thank you, darling), I also come with years of experience working in the live music and events industry. I have served as a booking agent, a mid-to-large scale event producer, and as a singer and DJ. As an educator and entrepreneur, I am the proud owner and director of the boutique event and music agency, Dixiebird Records and Events.


At the top of my game in marketing live music acts for private and corporate events, I have worked with over 500 bands to date on their press kits, marketing campaigns, and artistic direction, and have raised over a quarter of a million pounds in bookings for the live music industry since the pandemic. My expertise extends to programming festivals and public stages around the country and the world.

My work has been featured in BBC Business, ITV News, The Evening Standard, Albanian National TV, The Stage, The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, and West End Extra. I am also a guest performing arts features expert on BBC Radio 4. So, it is my pleasure to serve you, and you can trust me in what I am about to teach you in this free training day - which is FREE, by the way - did I mention that yet??


What to expect

  • Access to a Facebook community where we will share the replays of the training and you can ask questions as you play along.

  • Access to the live training day: join via Zoom or watch on stream in the FB group (replays will stay up for one week) 

  • A playbook with some juicy homework tasks to play along with to help you elevate your music bookings! 


Your next steps

  1. Register for The Gig Goldmine by filling out the form below.

  2. Receive a welcome email that includes the Facebook group link and the Zoom link for the training.

  3. Attend the training on 28th January and get ready for takeoff! (You will be sent the playbook on the morning of the event)

What you'll takeaway!

  • A fresh bout of groovy insights you can use straight away to boost your live music and event business in 2024! 

  • Your next three bookings, at least!

  • Guidance from a top-end booking agent, and genuine real-time music marketing feedback. 

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