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Free Professional Promo Pack Checklist for Musicians

Are you feeling stuck in a never-ending cycle of confusion when it comes to creating your Electronic Press Kit (EPK)? Do you feel like you're missing key elements to make it look polished and professional?

Imagine having a beautifully designed checklist that you can print out and hang on your wall, allowing you to easily see the nine essential ingredients that will take your EPK to the next level for each of your live acts.

Say goodbye to the confusion and hello to a successful EPK with our printable checklist!

Don't waste any more time trying to figure it all out by yourself, learning out how to create a promo pack that works will elevate your chances of securing aligned shows and bookings for your live band and aligned bookings means more money in the bank.

Download it here!

Hello! I'm Kerri Layton.

Singer, Booking Agent, and Musicians Business Coach with 16+ years of experience, I help professional musicians achieve work-life balance and thrive spiritually, financially, and creatively. Through personalized coaching, group programs, and masterminds, I heal various aspects of musicians' lives and businesses, enabling financial sustainability and unlocking their full potential. My mission is to empower musicians to release their creative visions to the world and share their talents while achieving productivity and balance. With a freebie that has helped over 100 musicians get structure in their day and make money, I understand the challenges of being a freelance musician and offer support and structure to help them succeed. Let's bring more music into the world and help musicians thrive doing what they love.

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