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Don't apply for another gig 

Until you've downloaded these top nine MUST HAVES! 


Get Fully Booked OUT! 


Learn these nine essential ingredients that agents and event bookers look for in a  music act, to command higher fees, and get fully booked out in 2024! Don't apply to another event until you have read these!   

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From Overwhelmed to Overbooked!

"I've been waiting a long time to do this, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed with how on earth I put all of the bits of my music business into place. The finished Electronic Press Kit (EPK) looks so good and now I am essentially my own manager and agent! It's a really easy step-by-step approach with practical suggestions on how to get bookings after. I had so much fun making it too."

Elsie Marley, Cabaret Chanteuse from Munich, Germany

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