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Recession Proof your Live Music Business

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

We've had a crazy busy summer so far, people are partying harder than ever and enquiries for next year are already flooding in.

Even so, currently, there's a lot of fear-mongering in the news about the recession and how it might impact booking habits and your live music career.

However, there's no need to worry.

Live events remain a crucial component of nearly every business's marketing strategy. The impact of a successful event can reverberate for years, ensuring that live events will persist regardless of circumstances.

Should you still have worries about how it will affect your own music, take charge now to ensure you've covered all your bases.

Here are some tips to thrive as a live music artist whatever the weather:

  • Set Autumn/Winter 2023 Goals: Utilize the vibrant energy of summer to plot and scheme ahead. Grab a fresh notebook, a cold drink, and begin crafting tangible goals. If you require assistance with goal-setting for musicians my Uplevelled Musican Bundle has three of my top training to help you create aligned and powerful goals, that you will stick to!

  • Polish Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK): Focus on refining your EPK and elevating your event act. Numerous bookings occur that we can't fulfill due to inadequate promo materials from acts. This makes it challenging for us to sell the act and for clients to see the value they're booking. If you're unsure what to include in your EPK, download my free kit here: promotional checklist

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