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Manage yourself as a musician, uplevel your business and load your diary with dream bookings


Get Visible, Get Booked, Get Paid!

A lifetime access course and community equipping you with the badass skills of an agent and supporting you on your journey as an affluent live musician, gaining more agents and industry opportunities in the process, welcome a

a rinse-and-repeat system that allows you to effortlessly

promote, perform, and get paid for your live music 

on your own terms.


With 'Get Booked Bootcamp', you'll finally have the simple structure and booking process you need to take your live music career to your next desired level.

But it's not just about success - it's about your well-being and creative output as an artist. No more burning out from the constant hustle, no more feast and famine. 'Get Booked Bootcamp' offers you the tools you need to take control of your music career and live the life you've always dreamed of.

Join between now an Dec 31st for the current fee 50% less

 Strategy + Confidence + Aligned Action = Results!  
Kerri Layton 

Get ready to step into your higher powers as an artist.

Are you ready for:

  • Higher fees

  • Dream bookings

  • More reverence from potential and actual clients

  • More appreciation for the unique gifts and talents that you bring

  • More time to spend on the things you love

  • An easy system to follow and implement so you can get booked out every single week




How would it feel to

  • Get more bookings than you can shake a stick at

  • Be able to answer enquiries on the go

  • Have a sexy system in place that streamlines all your bandmin, booking, and payments?

  • Have agents clambering to work with you because you have made booking SO simple and easy?


"I wish every act in the world could take a course like this,
I'd be able to get them so much more work!"

Victoria Just - Just Talent Agency

There's No Business like Snow-Business! 

 2014 as the snow whirled outside, I was halfway through my NYE residency in the 5-star ski resort of Meribel, France but my palms were sweaty, and my heartbeat was racing. I'd just read the final lineup for the NYE show and seen that the agent had billed me as a Motown act. I wasn't a Motown act. Pretty far from it, in fact. Even worse, the hotel manager from my other residency where I thought I had been billed as a lounge jazz and blues singer, thought my songs were "too slow" and wanted me to play more upbeat music, not only that - they wanted me to re-audition for a gig I'd already been contracted for and flown out over Christmas to do!
Like, seriously? 

It was a mess. I quickly added some upbeat swing and rock n' roll into my lounge jazz set, and appeased the manager, who approved I would indeed be paid and could continue my residency. Phew! Then I dealt with the agent, who seemed to think it was ok that I was billed as a Motown act "Can't you just throw in some Aretha?" I think were the words that were muttered, "They won't know." My act was a Vintage Jazz NYE Swing Party - a carefully considered act I was very proud of! 

After that anxiety-inducing event and sleepless night that followed, all on my own in the middle of The Alps, I declared to myself "This will never happen again".

I was a professional musician but constantly felt at the mercy of bookers who didn't care; whether it be late payments, or goal posts moving with little notice and impacting the integrity of my show. I had sacrificed so much to get to this point in my career. I wanted to be respected and appreciated for my gifts, and I wanted to feel deeply fulfilled in my live shows.

So, I made the decision to only take bookings that were fully aligned with my vision and to make sure that I was always paid what I was worth and that my act would be so well presented, promoted, and professional that I would never be billed incorrectly again. 

Then in 2016, as the result of a vocal operation, I did the unthinkable, I became a booking agent myself and worked out a simple formula to streamline my acts, and my own music and make sure everything ran smoothly. I knew I would never bill an act incorrectly and I knew what clients needed in order to be clear about exactly which act they were booking. I also had to learn how to sell myself effectively, show up for myself every day and work diligently without impacting my creative output. That level of integrity has taken me places!

In a world where people are cutting corners, stand out by going the extra mile!

Fast forward 8 years, and I'm now running my own successful live music agency. As a singer, I only take on live event bookings that are fully aligned with my vision. I'm respected, I'm appreciated, and I'm paid more than ever before, and the best part is that I now get to help other musicians do the same. It fills my heart with joy.

It doesn't have to take you 8 years to find success with your live act, in Get Booked Bootcamp I've done all the legwork for you, and I'm so excited to share my knowledge and experience with you. 


Copy of Coaching insta (1).png

Kerri's Coaching has been Instrumental  to my Success!

"Kerri's training and coaching have been instrumental in helping me achieve success with my music career. Through her program, I was able to learn how to design an effective Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and pitch myself to larger venues.

As a result of Kerri's guidance, I was able to create an EPK for my femme-led jazz band, Yas Queen, which has helped us secure more gigs than ever before. Her advice on pitching shows has also been invaluable, as I was able to successfully pitch a show to a large arts establishment in Brisbane that has been booked for the end of the year.

Kerri's approach is both informative and supportive, and she truly goes above and beyond to help her clients succeed. Her knowledge and expertise in the music industry are evident, and her willingness to share her insights and experience is truly remarkable.

I highly recommend Kerri Layton's 'Get Booked Bootcamp' to anyone looking to take their music career to the next level. Her training and coaching have been transformative for me, and I am confident that they will be for anyone who takes part in her program. Thank you, Kerri, for all that you do!

Mel Lathouras is a Blues and Jazz Singer from Melbourne, Australia

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Bootcamp Overview

Get Booked Bootcamp is the gift that keeps on giving

to your life and career in music. Once you join, you will get lifetime access to the entire program, bonuses, and all future live rounds:

  • Two Live Rounds a year with group coaching calls 

  • 6 Self-Study Modules with over 17 videos training

  • Over 14 workbooks, done for you templates, swipe files, legal booking contacts, legal files, and inside systems to support you

  • Lifetime access FB community 'the Green Room' for ongoing accountability


See below for the entire Get Booked Bootcamp Curriculum! 



Module 1: Get Started

  • Introduction to the Get Booked Bootcamp - Video Training  

  • The Power of WHY - Video Training Create your mega music mission statement, get aligned with your WHY and your unique values with a values ladder, so no matter how tough things get as a performer, you will always stay on track. Includes powerful journaling prompts and create a vision board for your life and music.

  • Goal Setting for Empaths Workshop - Video Training & Workbook Short training on how to create goals to keep you on track and help you get continuously booked

  • Phone vision board - Template Resource A vision boarding workshop to keep your vision anchored where it is visible each day!

Get Started​.png
Get Your Act Together!.png


Module 2: Get Your Act Together!

  • Get Your Act Together! - Promo Pack Video Workshop  Learn in detail what you need for an amazing promotional pack and the major difference between an Orignal EPK and a Commercial / Private Event EPK. A quick and easy method for niching and branding your act making you stand out from the crowd. Make your own EPK so you can start getting booked right away! 

  • Showreel Success - Video Training  The 3 Golden Rules of Promotional Material, actionable tips to make your showreel stand out by selecting the right media for your EPK.

  • My Proven EPK - Editable Template 

  • EPK Checklist Printable Checklist ensure you have covered all the details.

"Had some crazy dreams about my music business
- I woke up with so many ideas!"


Module 3: Get Motivated

  • Musicians Money Map - Video Training & Workbook: Create your bespoke money map as a musician, so you have a clear route to follow over the next 90 days. Ensuring you stay on track and make bookings!

  • The Art of Pricing 'Money Compass' - Video Training: Pricing your act as a musician can be difficult, and generally speaking, there are no hard and fast rules. In this training, you will learn how to set your money compass to guide your pricing.  

  • GSD Get Stuff Done List  Video Training & Template: Creating your personal to-do list will help you get the right stuff done.

Get Motivated.png
Get Noticed & Get Booked!.png


Module 4: Get Noticed & Get Booked!

  • Get Booked Workshop - Video Training: A host of online booking lead generation platforms Learn what corporate booking agents want and need. Learn how to speak to prospective bookers, and reach out. Social Media breakdown. Swipe file for bookings 

  • Get Noticed - Video Training (45 mins) We dive into both strategy and the energetics of being visible, so you show up on social media and magnetically attract your ideal bookers, fans, and audience.

  • PR Star - live workshop: coming in the Autumn round! (Worth £222) 

  • Utilise Linkedin for Corporate Bookings with Helen Tudor Video Training: Learn specifically how to use Linkedin to attract corporate buyers and get large contracts and job opportunities. 

"I feel like kicking ass!"


Module 5: Get Protected


  • Risk Assessment Video Training & Template: Create your unique Risk assessment for Internal and external events, so you can add value to your act and stand out from others in the eyes of event bookers. Signed and certified by an IOSCH Health & Safety registered officer

  • Legal Booking Contract & Terms Docs Video Training & Document Swipe File Template to create your own 

Get Protected.png
Get Paid!.png


Module 6 - Get Paid!


  • 'Sexy Systems' Video Training & Digital System Template: Make, Manage, and Multiply your bookings, by creating your own CRM sales and events system “Happy Music Bookers = Happy Music Business” Manage your gigs with ease and grace so you can do more of the creative music, and scale your music business.

  • Taking Care of Business TCB Daily Planner Video Traning & Template: Leaving you in the hands of Elvis, and a TCB Daily Planner, with my personal, daily planner which helps me run my live music business.

"I am so confident now, I feel like I can take on anything!"




💰Bonus Lifetime Access to The Midas Touch! Manifesting and Abundance Bundle, which you can use time and time again to sprinkle gold dust on your projects Worth £111

Copy of Copy of Get Booked Bootcamp .png

who this is for

  • Self-motivated, passionate performers and live musicians who want to streamline their processes, sell more shows, get more time back to do the things they love

  • Any kind of live musician who has or wants to create a self-contained act they can promote to live shows, from corporate, and private events to public shows and promotors

  • Agents, band leaders, and managers

  • Singers, solo musicians, artists, DJs 

  • Original bands

  • Authentic cover bands

  • Emerging, mid-career artists and established acts 


who this is not for

  • Musicians who only want to be famous

  • People who buy courses and leave them on the shelf gathering dust 

  • Anyone looking for a magic pill to make them an overnight success

  • People who want someone to do it all for them.

  • Moaners, complainers, ranters who don't have a positive attitude toward our amazing industry and all the unique possibilities that lie within it

Copy of Copy of Get Booked Bootcamp .png
  • Get Booked Bootcamp

    Every month
    Pay in 10 x instalments
    Valid for 10 months
    • Get Booked Bootcamp

      Pay-in-full discount
      • VIP Access

        Get Booked Bootcamp + 1-1 Coaching
        • Lifetime access to the course
        • 6 x 60 min 1-1's to use over 6 months


      The Roundup. 

       The Course has over 17 training videos for you to go through and over 14 templates, swipe files, resources, workbooks, legal booking contracts, and your own risk assessment certified by an IOSH registered officer. The course is delivered week by week from the start date of the live round, but you get lifetime access to self-study as you grow  total  valued over £4800+ 

       The Coaching  (2 live rounds of indepth coaching a year) Live group coaching, my eyes on your promo packs, Hot Seats and Q&As. Prevent procrastination and take massive, impactful, aligned action to get your diary burtsing with bookings valued at £3600 +

       The Community   'The Green Room' Lifetime access to our exclusive community of Bootcamp members and pro-musicians around the world: Priceless+





      Jump on in

      Who am I and why listen to me???!!!

      With 16 years in the live music and events industry, I have worked as a producer, band leader, agent, and singer. Entrepreneur and Music Director of Dixiebird Records I am a qualified teacher with AYL, and CASC leadership qualifications. Also, I am an IOSCH-certified risk assessor and certified EFT and TFT practitioner; bringing the deepest and biggest changes and transformations to my clients. Channeling my experience I now run a successful online business and life coaching academy for musicians working in the live events and entertainment industry. My bands have been booked for venues and events such as Alexandra Palace, playing alongside major National and International acts, and 5-star venues in Europe. A published author, regularly featured in the press for my music, coaching, entrepreneurialism, and my campaigns for anti-harassment and domestic violence against women.

      KERRI LOGOS 01.png

      From Overwhelmed to Overbooked!

      "I've been waiting a long time to do this, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed with how on earth I put all of the bits into place. The finished EPK looks so good and now I am essentially my own manager and agent! It's a really easy step-by-step approach with practical suggestions on how to get bookings after. I had so much fun making it too."

      Elsie Marley, Cabaret Chanteuse from Munich, Germany

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