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A Creative Consultancy for individuals and organizations in the Live Music Industry. Helping musicians thrive and fly with mentoring, business coaching, and consulting services.  

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Results & Wins

  • Over 100k revenue generated for the live music industry post-pandemic 

  • Over four clients ' incomes doubled after just a few sessions

  • A global community of business-minded musicians, working in over six countries

  • Musicians gaining Hollywood agents, and international live music agents

  • Headline and support slots booked at Glastonbury Festival and more

  • From zero clients in their side hustle to being fully booked out in just two weeks!

  • £65k revenue generated for a music agent in just one six-week package of business, marketing, and mindset coaching 

  • Viral videos and international media appearances


Would you like to add yours to the list?


Hey there! I'm Kerri, and I'm thrilled to have you here!

As a creative consultancy, Kerri Kreates is all about helping musicians and businesses in live music achieve balance, joy, abundance, and creative impact in their lives. With over 16 years of experience, I've been fortunate enough to perform,  teach, act as an agent, and become an entrepreneur in the live music and events industry.


Now, my passion lies in supporting others to achieve their dream careers and lives.

My ultimate mission is to help you or your business find and maintain your confidence, find your voice, and gain clarity on your priorities so that you can thrive in the areas of life and business that matter most to you right now.

With my signature program, 'Under My Wing Coaching,' you'll get the personalized support you need to elevate your life and explode your business. If group study programs are more your thing, my 'Get Booked Bootcamp' opens its doors twice a year and is designed to help you get a diary loaded with bookings.


I have plenty of accessible downloadable tools, self-study programs, e-books, and resources to help you along the way in my 'Shop for Success'. 

I love meeting new people and welcoming them to my corner of the Internet so why not come and say hello by joining

'Backstage Badasses.'

Let's make magic. 

Love Kerri xx

KERRI LOGOS - DM version.png

My Access All Areas (AAA+A) Framework

Affluence + Abracadabra


At the core of all my work with musicians—whether 1-1, group training, or resources—lies a guiding principle. Your success as a live artist is distilled into these 4 elements, propelling you anywhere you aspire to be. AAA, truly

Self-Study & Downloads

I have many valuable low-cost resources, training, and some free tools to support you in your music business right now.

Group Programs & Membership

'Get Booked Bootcamp', 'The $hip', and 'The Lucky Musician Mastermind' achieve the success you desire without the investment and commitment of a 1-1.

1-1 Coaching
& Consulting

Sometimes you need 1-1 "my eyes on your business" coaching an consulting. From done-for-you and done-with-you, we can work in depth for lasting results.


Daring to Dream!

After just a couple of sessions with Kerri I can already feel a big shift in my business. A huge increase in clarity and direction and a crystallizing business plan which I feel really confident about and proud of! I barely dared to dream that I could build a business around something I’m so passionate about, but now I can see it starting to happen. I would highly recommend working with Kerri!

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Emma Greenfield is a singer, musician, composer and educator.


Chaotic  Business
to Consistent Bookings!

"Since Kerri started coaching me I have really found a structure to my very chaotic performing arts business, in fact I don’t think I was even running a business before that! Her work is really encouraging and motivating and she has so many amazing tips and tricks of the industry, which most of us performers who self-manage, struggle with in finding out on our own. She has created real accountability for me, where I show up for myself and my self-employment! Since I started applying The Power Hour to my routine I have been getting more consistency in my bookings and the ability to plan ahead on a larger scale! The Mastermind was a great beginning for how I want to keep running my various aspects of show business in the future!


Elsie Marley is an International Cabaret Chameleon and

Chanteuse, based in Munich. 


Plan of Action!

"Kerri has been a massive support, having her as my coach is very valuable to me and is helping me in the areas I most need it! I’ve had a session today and I have already actioned several tasks I’ve been procrastinating on for months and have a plan of action to continue working on. Thank you!"

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Tashara Forrest is an award-winning soul singer, founder of Sleeke Chix

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