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Getting smart with EVENTS: get the returns you desire and make people feel great in the process

February 28, 2019

"People will forget what you say and they will forget what you do, but they will never forget how you make them feel."


Planning a Creative Event? Then read this short post (3 mins) on how to inject your events with so much passion and thought, that your guests will be left feeling cherished.


Organising events is pretty stressful, but lets (for the sake of this read) assume you have the basics covered, you have your guest list, the venue, the catering - all tick'd off and confirmed, and now all you need is - the pizazz.


These tips and tricks will help you to work smarter when it comes to creating that BUZZ factor and impact the ROI your events have been looking for.



Start off by choosing your end game, put yourself in the shoes of your guest. For the sake of this read, we are going to choose the example of a product launch for a new beauty product called ‘EPIC FACE” (I know, i’m not a branding guru - bare with me - ha! pun intended!)


I see events as exciting, ever evolving 3D narratives, so your end point is the end of the ‘story’, it HAS to have a resolve. And your end point, is not necessarily when the guest leaves the party, either.


It’s post event, it’s when they get home that evening, it’s when they get in the bath that night, its when they open up their instagram page the next day, it’s a week later when you might send them a thank you card for attending the launch.



So start with the end point, how do you want Sarah, head of PR and comms of a well known beauty magazine to FEEL when she experiences the resolve of your launch of 'EPIC FACE?' (Stick with this ok, your guests won't know they are on a journey or experiencing a narrative, unless you are going all out on a Punch Drunk or Secret Cinema experience on them, but these basic principles will help you a LOT.)




CREATIVE EVENT EMOTION HACK What most people want is to feel a part of a community, liked, cherished and loved, no matter what your event is. 


Let’s say you want Sarah to FEEL the emotion of being cherished, celebrated and loved.  So, perhaps during your event, you have a polaroid team on hand, snapping individual polaroids of your guests, the photographer gets Sarah’s name and writes a quick note on the bottom, “Sarah you have the most EPIC FACE" (this ties in with something you will do at the start of your event so read on) the final polaroid can then do a few things:


  • You could slip it into a personalised gift bag for Sarah so she has a surprise when she gets home

  • You could display them on a big beautiful table or a wall at the event for all the guests to see each others epic faces and they can take it with them when they leave

  • You should also be photographing and documenting these before they go anywhere, for instagram and get tagging the guests over the coming days - keep an eye open for the event magic here too, guests may be tempted to pull their faces off the wall and take selfies with them, pulling silly faces behind them for example...photograph the heck out of this!

  • You could even go one step further and send it in a thank you card to their office or home address the next day with a free sample of EPIC FACE inside it


So, now you have your very end game face on (sorry, not sorry), you can work backwards from here…


During the event the photographers will be adding some drama and interaction by asking individual guests to pose for a photo (TOP TIP - if your event has 150 people and a 3 hour run time you will need about a 5 person strong polaroid team to try and get everyone, don’t worry if you miss some people, the action will still have the same impact and create a buzz because of the social media and display aspect of it during the event)


At the start of the event you could ask your guests something intriguing and relevant, like “who has the most EPIC FACE you know?” They will write their answer down on a postcard filling in the person's name and email or address who has the most epic face! (often will be partners/siblings/family/children//friends) YOU can now use this to send them a free sample or an email with a copy of the polaroid of their friend saying something like. Even though Sarah has an EPIC FACE she happens to think you have the MOST EPIC FACE out of anyone she knows, here she is on all her splendour and as a thank you from us for having the MOST EPIC FACE EVER your free voucher for a sample of our new face cream! Share the love!


(this literally could end up being a massive campaign, people sending the epic faces on to other epic faces and before you know it your one event for 150 people has touched the faces of a million people (creepy)


So, there you have it! I hope that simple formula works for you, here is a round up below:


  1. Start with the end ‘feeling’ you want your guest to have post event, and work backwards from there.

  2. Maximise this one simple step, so you can achieve the feeling AND exploit it and your company's brand image by adding drama during the event and an interactive activity at the start which resolves as your end ‘feeling’.

  3. Share your ideas with me on Kerri Kreates insta page @kerrikreates for instant feedback.


Kerri Layton is a Singer and an Expert Creative Event Designer. She lives in East London where she runs her record label and creative event consultancy Kerri Kreates and Dixiebird Records, producing unique and tailored event designs and live music experiences for a range of corporate, private and public sector clients.


She has worked with clients ranging from Bollinger, The BBC, Alexandra Palace and more.


‘I believe in the power of music and good events to connect us all and to break down those walls which we get so good at building throughout our lives. Said Shakespeare, |"If Music be the food of love, then play on!’ ~ Kerri x



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