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Red Wiggle Dress Investment

September 25, 2018

Upon the eve of a very important investment decision in my new company 'Kerri Kreates', I  randomly stumbled across this gem in my inbox...


Circa 2014, when my show business career was in its first flung, throws of passion and a hand to mouth existence meant feasting like a queen or fasting like a Nun, I was asked by my bank to tell them what the best business investment purchase was I had ever made.


The winner won £500 of 'Marks and Spencer' vouchers, sadly I never heard back, maybe they were after something a little more conventional...


either way, it felt fortuitous that I should stumble across this yesterday at such a pivotal growth in my showbusiness,


     .....enjoy the story below and let me know what amazing dress investments have brought you good fortunes in your business..


PS I still have this dress and sometimes I wear it for my 'Kerri & Her MP3 Big Band' show! Get in touch with us at for more info




 (Circa December 2014) "A Lady should never have a hard time deciding on whether groceries for tea are ​more ​

important than a new ball gown, especially if one is enjoying a truly fulfilling and care free, single lifestyle which occasionally see​s​ you eating porridge for a week.

This time last year that was me, £100 in my account and no food in the fridge, just the reflection of a simply stunning, awesome, red satin, Marilyn Monroe style wiggle dress, twinkling in my eyes and standing between me, Marks and Spencers ready meals for one or porridge and beans.

What is a Lady to do? I asked myself nonchalantly as I flung open the shop door and purred at the dress....

'can I try it on please?'

The shoppers go quiet, all eyes are on me, the assistant removes the mannequin from the shop window and gracefully hands me the dress with a silent nod of approval. A collective whisper amongst the other women of  

'the groceries can wait dear' we ALL know, this is my dress.

And the rest, they say, is history!


I wiggled my way into that dress and I wiggled my way out of that store with a vintage mink shawl draped over my wintery shoulders without a care in the world! A hundred pound poorer maybe and the dawning realisation of porridge and beans for a week...yet it didn't matter, I knew I had made a serious business investment. 


A year ago today that is and that dress has brought me more luck, more highly paid shows and more exquisite meals out than it would have been if it had stayed on the mannequin and I had eaten like a queen for a week!


From my shows alone, in just 12 months, I've made the dress back over 20 times, that's over £2000!

Best business investment purchase ever (so far): A red satin dress. who would have thought it?!" 

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