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Introducing the Musician's Money Map - Your Proven Path to Financial Success in the Music Industry! 🚀💰


Are you tired of feeling lost and overwhelmed in your music career? Do you find yourself constantly reacting to market changes and struggling to stay afloat during slow seasons? It's time to take control of your destiny and achieve the success you deserve!


The Musician's Money Map is your ultimate guide to creating a clear, proactive roadmap for the next 90 days of your music journey. 🗺️🎯 Say goodbye to chaos and uncertainty and hello to focused, goal-oriented action that drives real results.


In the training, we'll dive deep into the money matters that are vital to your success. We'll quickly draft up your marketing, revenue streams, and financial planning specifically tailored to live musicians.


With my proven and carefully crafted system, you'll learn how to:


🌟 Set Aligned Goals: Discover how to identify and set goals that fit in and resonate with your life, your artistic vision and align with your unique talents. No more aimless wandering – you'll know exactly where you're headed, what you want, and how to get there, without burning out. 


🎶 Diversify Income Streams: Learn the art of creating multiple revenue streams that keep money flowing all year round. No more feast or famine – you'll enjoy financial stability and peace of mind.


📈 Streamline Your Efforts: Uncover the most profitable aspects of your music career and maximize your time and energy on what truly matters. No more spreading yourself thin – you'll focus on what brings you the most success.


💼 Build a Thriving Music Business: Turn your passion into a thriving music empire with our step-by-step strategies for scaling your music agency, launching successful online courses, and getting booked for high-paying gigs.

But that's not all! When you grab the Musician's Money Map today, you'll also receive exclusive bonuses:


The Musician's Money Map is normally reserved for our 1-1 clients or Get Booked Bootcamp students, but for the first time, i'm offering it to you at an accesible self-study price of just £49!


Take control of your next 90 days, and get ready to thrive as a successful, financially empowered musician.

Musicians Money Map

    • 1 x 30 min training video with fast actionable ideas
    • 1 x 18 page ebook with templates you can use immediatly to plan out your next 90 days 
  • When you purchase this product from Kerri Kreates you will be set a reciept/invoive with a download link. Any issues please email 

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