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 Make More Money as a Musician and  Performer, become a Money Magnet!
Explode your sales, skyrocket your career, and max out your diary in this SIMPLE, ONE-HOUR A-DAY money-making activation training! 


Hello beautiful badass,

I am so happy to meet you here.

If you struggle with selling in your creative biz, showing up each day, knowing what you are meant to work on and how to conduct yourself in a business-like way, whilst running your project and biz all on your own and STILL somehow managing to fit in being creative, then this FREE sales and marketing training for performing artists is just for you. 

Want more gigs? You got it, baby. 

Want more clients for your singing school? Let's go.
Want to be able to predict your income, live a more streamlined life, and be able to plan time off? Then this is your answer.

This Money Magnet aka"The Power Hour", works!
I have personally used this in my business to launch new ideas and products and keep the wheels turning in my agency, singing business, and online business and by using it I have experienced anything from $1.5k weeks to $11k months!  

Dive in below and get started straight away, there is a workbook and video, and if you watch to the end, there is a special invite.

This is for you if you have been wanting to see more abundance in your performing arts business and get off the feast and famine cycle for good.

Download now and see you in there Badass.

Love Kerri xx

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For high achievers

Performers, creative entrepreneurs, and visionaries. All you need is your phone, laptop or notebook and your social media channel. 


This signature training has helped over 100 performers worldwide to bring instant cash injections into their businesses! This free training class will help you to:

Make more money and create more impact, fame, and recognition - PERIOD! This is the showbusiness training you have been waiting for! 

✅ Leave with a very simple system that works for you. Everyone is different, especially when it comes to creatives, so you will leave with a range of ideas on how to make this fit your own routine and unique way of working, that you can implement the very next day.

✅ Get more gigs, and more bookings, build your audience, and watch your bank balance and project bloom!

💘Wake up each day knowing exactly what you are supposed to work on. 

💘Have an easy-to-follow non-sleazy sales formula that will generate your desired amount of shows each week, month, and year that you can get started with right away.

💘Get out of the feast and famine cycle - for good! Knowing that you are ALWAYS doing what is required to keep your business sailing.

How would it feel to make 5k in the next 6 weeks? £1000 this weekend? Or even more over the next 90 days?


This is extremely valuable training that has created over 100k in collective revenue for those who have completed it this year alone! Don't just take my word for it though - see what my badasses are saying below! 


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"Thank you for doing this, it's great, really, really great that you are doing it and giving back somehow and helping us. The session on Monday was great, I learned a lot. I am looking forward to more sessions"

"Just finished watching your training! I’m doing lots of what you said without realizing, so I’m pleased I am on the right track, but there is always more!"

"Since implementing your amazing free training, I have had a 100% success rate on every gig I  have applied to! Thank you so much for all you are doing to help artists at this time!"

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Kerri Layton's


After 16 years working in the biz as a professional performer, not only have I learned to spell the word professional right ;) but I have amassed some pretty badass business skills along the way. From founding and running multiple creative organizations to directing and producing small - large scale shows, whilst also touring and developing my own solo work.

The pandemic was where I really flexed my entrepreneurial muscles, however, and, after losing all my work overnight I subsequentially created a successful online drama school and I have decided to share my skills and knowledge with others in the creative arts industry,  so we can see the 


I am on a mission to help raise the financial vibration of the performing arts industry, to help create more financial sustainability and success so all who work within it can live the lives they truly want and deserve.

You can work with me in a number of ways; attend my free workshops and seminars, download my workbooks, sign up to my group coaching program (coming soon!) or dive into

1-1 coaching to see fundamental, lasting results. 

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