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"From Concept to Cash!" Emma Greenfield Showcase Celebration

Composer and children's musician, Emma Greenfield, had a big dream when we started out in our 1-1 "Under My Wing" Business Coaching package together - "to make and create empowering children's music with positive messages that would boost wellbeing, and inspire kindness and healthy development in children." - but she just didn't know how or where to get started making it her actual living.

With four high-quality videos she had already created, she wanted to make an impact in the children's music industry, and, as an established folk artist, composer and musician already, these songs were far beyond the average quality you get in children's music.

We got started with some strategy and mindset work and Emma quickly saw success with her video "If you're happy and you know it" which went viral on youtube, amassing over 170k views in just a few short days.

This positioned Emma as an industry leader, and was growing her audience organically at the speed of light!

She went on to release an EP collection 'Dance to your Daddy' of some beautifully arranged classic's, and her first original song "Everyones a silly sausage sometimes" is scheduled for release in 2023.

We worked on Emma's press releases, landing her first press articles, one with Metro and one with German magazine Der Maulbär.

Emma then also attracted and signed a talent agency that now represents all her live bookings for this show!

Over the course of 6 months working together, I have helped Emma create radical money-making transformations in her business so she can monetise aspects of her creativity.

We put systems and strategies in place so Emma has literally gone from CONCEPT to CASH...she says:

"I’m really grateful for all of the many ways in which you’ve really helped me to develop! Actually, for me, one of the biggest and most valuable things that I feel like I’ve got out of the coaching Is the amount I have learned about marketing and business and sales strategy. I felt completely out of my depth in this area before, and now I’m really confident I have a solid system in place that is continually developing, that is going to make me LOTS of really nice money "😊💸💸💸

Putting multiple income-generating revenue streams in her creative business, we have:

  • Created and released an EP

  • Written and scheduled for release an original single in 2023

  • Positioned herself as an international expert and built an online and onstage recognisable brand

  • Founded a FB group, started a live TV stream and has created online and in-real life courses and lessons!

  • Had International press and has made new PR contacts

  • Signed her act to a major booking agency and has taken her new show to festival's in Europe this Summer

All in just 6 months! It's pretty mind

blowing, this is a legacy that Emma can build off and grow over the next few years.

She went from not knowing how to make an income or an impact with her talents to having her content go viral, positioning herself as an online superstar, and feeling confident in her abilities as a creative entrepeneur.

After just a couple of sessions, Emma said "I can already feel a big shift in my business. A huge increase in clarity and direction and a crystallizing business plan which I feel really confident about and proud of!"

"I barely dared to dream that I could build a business around something I’m so passionate about, but now I can see it starting to happen. I would highly recommend working with Kerri!"

You can find out more about Emma Greenfield's amazing work here:

Join her on instagram

Watch her amazing videos on youtube

Listen to her EP here on Spotify

If you would like to find out more about working with Kerri, check out her website here download a freebie to get started here or book a free 1-1 with Kerri here


Kerri Layton is an award winning entrepreneur and Business Coach for the Creative Arts and Performing Arts Industries. A Marketing Queen and trained EFT (emotional freedom technique) and Energy Healer, she works with high-achievers who are destined for more success. Having enjoyed a glittering, successful 16 year career - both on and off stage as a voice and acting coach, singer-songwriter, agent and producer. She is a published author, a speaker and founder of multiple companies and organisations including Dixiebird Records, Kerri Layton Coaches, Kerri Layton Music and The Retro Performing Arts Company.

Kerri's work has been featured on BBC Business, ITV News, Albanian National TV, 'Voice of London', The Daily Mirror, The Evening Standard, BBC Radio 4 and has spoken for Creative Industries Federation, The Design Museum and Colleges across the UK.

She currently lives at the seaside , working between there and London with her four legged bestie, Memphis.

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