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Business tips! "When & Then"

"When & Then...👊🏼"

A lot of questions that come up with my clients are how to deal with promoters, booking agents, or venues, making, sure you get paid your deposit, ahead of time, and conducting yourself in a professional manner

I adopt a "When & Then" strategy, it's never failed me, it's polite, and it's firm, meaning you can weed out any potential time wasters, preserving your energy for bigger and better gigs.

For example, a promotor enquires and wants all your promo before a signed contract...

👊🏼 "When you sign the contract and have paid the deposit, then I'll send you all the relevant promo material"

👊🏼"When you have received the proposal, then I'll hold the date for a week for you"

Or if you have students or clients on a payment plan and it fails

👊🏼 "When the payment is made, then I'll send you the link"

You can be polite about it but having this when & then in place is a really useful strategy to hold yourself in a pro-like manner.💕

I hope this quick tip helps you in running your online or onstage business in the performing arts. If you would like more help with productivity, strategy, marketing, and consistency, then grab my free training "Power Hour" which has helped over 100 artists create profitable revenue in their businesses.


Kerri Layton is a business coach for the performing arts and online education industries. A branding and marketing queen, energy healer, EFT practitioner, productivity strategist and consistency expert. With over 16 years of experience founding multiple creative entities in both education and entertainment, her down-to-earth and holistic approach has seen clients go from zero sales to creating 3k regular month incomes, 200% growth in turnover, and 65k+ in sales for on-stage businesses.

To see rapid and sustainable growth in your career, book a free 1-1 today and see how regular coaching can help you skyrocket your success.

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