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The Lucky 23

Profitable Planning & Magical Manifesting Programme
for performers and musicians working in the live events industry


Be the envy of all your peers

Our industry has the habit of being affected by outside circumstances. Don't leave your own financial destiny to chance anymore, or at the mercy of trends, a pandemic, or the cost of living crisis. One thing for sure is that luck doesn't happen by accident, I know - it's a trick title ;)  but by learning how to plan profitably like a CEO you can take control of your year, and watch your projects and business prosper; no matter what issues we face as a collective on the outside. Whether you are growing your real-life business or your online business, this year-long profitable planning and magical manifestation program will keep you on track, aligned, and hitting all your goals one after the other.  


"A goal without a plan is just a wish" 
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

When you learn the fundamentals of regular goal setting and apply them to your business with a profitable plan and a sacred sales strategy, (then sprinkle it with magic!) it will appear as if you are the luckiest person in the world who effortlessly breezes through life hitting every single goal you ever set for yourself.

Like Nadia who during the Lucky 22 program, hit her year-long revenue goal and was able to take her whole family on a two-week holiday, which she paid for herself!

Most businesses and especially performers fail to sit down a plan the year from the start, they leave everything to chance and whereas that's fun and seemingly easy - it's also not taking any control yourself. Having a community of people to do this with 


Profitable Planning

This is about taking YOU, the epicenter of all your dreams, and giving you a supportive framework in which to build your year as you grow.
Monthly check-ins. training and shot seats, so we can get right to the heart of your dreams, goals, and vision and help you build a proactive, easy-to-follow plan to make your dreams a reality.

Life changes, it gets in the way, and it's important to make sure you have the right support around you, so no matter what you can thrive.

The economy is taking a battering right now, the arts and live events are about to have their best year yet since the start of the pandemic- 2023 is set to be a busy o for those in the lives arts.

Wether your business is for 

It's a brainer. when you approach your life and career, businss and projects in this way, you 
Planning and going with the flow, but with a solid goal list and planning strategy - it's the one thing that will help you look back on your year and say "OM I ticked off pretty much everything I wanted to fo, and I had a bloody good time doing it too!

This is not just a planning group, it covers strategy, mindset, and magic - my 360- holistic approach to coaching but with a focus on profitable planning and sacred sales - so you can skyrocket your financial destiny, make shit happen and have the best year yet.

The problem with one-off goal-setting sessions is you can put the baton down and totally forget what you are doing.

With this gentle touch program, you have the support of a whole team around you and you have me to keep you accountable, 

Here is what people are saying"

"planning and goal setting we did at the start if the year was so valuable, just the process of sitting own with a group of people to do this was extremely powerful, people just don't do it.  program is deliberately fun, mystical even - it has foundations of business strategy, planning, and training but essentially weaved together with the hallmarks of a magician

Because planning your year shouldn't be a task, it shouldn't feel heavy or a burden.
It needs ot to feel exciting, juicy, joyful, and uplifting. - you are the creator of your destiny! 

When I started working in this way, I will be able to plan for savings, create stability, sovereign

This is the business strategy
Sales Surgeries
Profitable planning sessions

Learn how to plan like a CEO and make your music empire completely unshakable, so no matter what goes on in the year, your 

Using my 360 degree approach to making shit happen, this program takes in business, strategy, mindset, and healing1The Lucky 23 program 

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“Had some crazy dreams about my business, woke up with soo many ideas!”


“I’m just so grateful to you for reintroducing EFT back into my life, I forgot how powerful it was, that session was lovely”


“I feel tired because I stayed up really late as I was enjoying myself so much after the session”


“I feel a lot lighter now. my shoulders are lower, my back cracked and I feel energized”


“I am so confident now like I can take on anything!”


“I feel so much more relaxed now”


“I feel like kicking ass”


“The was so beautiful Kerri”


“Thank you so much!”



January: Goal setting and vision 

February: Hot seats

March: Hot seats

Spring Equinox Shamanic Journey with Rebekah Shaman




Summer Solstice Energy Realignment Session




Tarot Business Card Reading




Magic Closing Circle

The Midas Touch worth $333




Achieve all of your goals by the end of the year and make more revenue in your business with intention, rather than leaving it all to chance and external opportunities

Feel excited, energized, and alive when setting your goals, stay on track, and feel supported throughout your entire year so no matter what happens, you will be unshakable

✅ Be part of a team that will help keep you accountable for the whole year and meet other creatives around the world 

Create an easy to achieve, sales system that keeps you constantly in profit in 2023

                           Join 'The LUCKY 23'

We kick off on January 23th, 2023
Cost for 2023 enrollment $888/ Early Bird - Dec only $444


*Cost for the 2024 program is $2000


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DEC Early Bird $444

Weekly check-ins to keep you aligned, and focused, hold you accountable to your money-making plans, and keep you energized throughout your month, quarter and year

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching calls with Hot Seats and Q&A's where we will review, realign and reset your big juicy goals and also deliver the month's training topics

Quarterly Magic sessions - Business Tarot reading, Shamanic Journey, and EFT session

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