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The Light Coaching Plan

Flexible coaching for fast results 

1-1 Coaching is by far the most effective way of hitting any goal quicker than you can say

"Holy shit, I did it!"

Unlike the VIP "Under My Wing" this is for you if you need quick, actionable support, accountability, and mentoring. 

Like any 1-1 package, when you hire a coach, you hire someone who has your back 24/7. Someone who can hold a mirror and reflect back to you the part s you need to work on, all your mindset monkeys, and someone who can see objectivley what it is you need to focus on.


Someone who has been there made the mistakes, got the teeshirt, and built the strategies to get the simplest, quickest results. Someone who keeps you accountable, on track, and has the skillset to save you money and make you money.

Choosing the light coaching plan, gives you access to a coach and mentor in your corner to hold you accountable, help you get to the bottom of whatever issue it is you are facing,

and sail to your next level with complete ease and flow. 


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Daring to Dream!

After just a couple of sessions with Kerri I can already feel a big shift in my business. A huge increase in clarity and direction and a crystallizing business plan which I feel really confident about and proud of! I barely dared to dream that I could build a business around something I’m so passionate about, but now I can see it starting to happen. I would highly recommend working with Kerri!

Emma peromo .jpeg

Emma Greenfield is a singer, musician, composer and educator.


Another Level!

"I really enjoyed the goal-setting VIP day with Kerri - it was a good mix of being both fun and productive! 🙌🏻 Although I’ve been a goal setter for a long time and regularly planned out a general overview for my business every year, Kerri introduced me to a new approach which helped me explore my goals in a different way. Looking at things with fresh eyes can be the key to taking things to another level. Not to mention, the energy of being in a room with other focussed and driven people really helps boost morale. It also gives you an opportunity to bounce some ideas around with other like minds, which is soooo nice when you’re self-employed and often left to your own devices!

Lorena Dale is a singer, coach, and recording artist.


Plan of Action!

"Kerri has been a massive support, having her as my coach is very valuable to me and is helping me in the areas I most need it! I’ve had a session today and I have already actioned several tasks I’ve been procrastinating on for months and have a plan of action to continue working on. Thank you!"

Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 14.50.11.png

Tashara Forrest is an award-winning soul singer, founder of Sleeke Chix

How does this work?

What does the Light Coaching Plan involve?


Choose from 2 options!


Option 1) 1 x 60 min 1-1 every 2 weeks

Option 2) 1 x 60 min 1-1 every 4 weeks + coach in your pocket support 

✅Expert coaching and mentoring in your music career, guided by you, bring 3 questions to each session for us to work on. Areas we can cover are sales, systems, marketing, artistic development, building an act, getting more bookings, getting an agent, building a fan base, working on your website, EPK, fan funnel, artistic vision and so many more - lead 100% by you, we use the AAA framework to guide us, 

✅ Leave every session with my infamous, no BS GSD (get shit done) list, so you have a clear action plan to work on between sessions

✅ Unlike other packages, you can roll this plan on as long as you like. This coaching plan has a 3-month minimum sign-up, with a 30 days notice after that if you wish to cancel it at any point. 


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