•  Will you come to a site visit?

-I totally understand that some event pitches require a site visit, yet this usually happens during the production phase and whilst I have the skills to produce your event, this is not what I am offering as a service currently.


-I am available and on hand for practical chats and walkthroughs once you start to produce your concept, especially if you are doing it all in house. Some of my clients take my concepts and present them to an event company, I am also available to talk them through the concept on your behalf. This is an extra cost to your original concept.

  • How much will this cost?


-I charge £750 per event pitch this includes an in depth 'grilling' to your team and director, so I can get as much infomation as possible, there are no hidden costs. Once you have your pitch it is yours to do what you like with! 

-After you have had a pitch delivered, I will be virtually on hand to take your team through any Creative Direction at a set day rate of £425 per day.

  • Will you come to our offices to create this pitch?

- Sadly this option is not currently available. This is so I can work with as many teams around the world as possible, inspiring as many events to take this approach as I can!

  • If we need any adjustments to the pitch can we contact you?

-Yes, absolutely. Each pitch comes with 1 hour review and my team and I will make additions and tweaks as required.

  • Will you work on a commision?

-Sadly not, my work is rated at the value for your project. Sometimes the ideas we create get canned, and sometimes they make millions of dollars in revenue. We are fully invested in the outcome of your project and to do our best work we require payment upfront to do it. 

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