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Celebratory Events

Special celebratory events for guests from 10 to 300! East Kent & London, UK

Life's milestones and achievements deserve the right celebration.
Whether it is a naming ceremony, a special birthday, a business birthday, an award ceremony, a private family announcement, the opening of a new venue, or an anniversary.
Bringing a sense of ceremony to your celebration creates a whole new world and status for all who attend it.

Live celebratory events, when done properly leave you and your guests with a sense of transformation and a feeling of a new level of connectedness, talking about it for years to come.

I am deeply passionate about creating special events for people.  Preserving the hallmarks of ceremony and celebration these rites of passage and creativity were passed down by our ancestors and were often the thing that kept communities held together. Something I feel is lost to us in this modern world. 

I only work with a maximum of 6 clients a year. The relationships are deep in themselves, I love to get to know my clients so I can create the nuances and level of detail and attention they deserve, to make them completely spectacular, of exceptional quality, and truly memorable for all who attend.

Book an informal and complimentary chat about your celebration and let's take it from there.



Exceptional Events

Inflatable Balloons

"Celebratory events  are the backdrop to life's special moments."

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