Chances are you didn't start your creative business to become a millionaire, make loads of money or "be a sell-out" (spoiler alert; you can absolutely still sell with creative integrity and you can STILL be a millionaire creative ;) but as time has gone on, you have realized just how important it IS to have SIMPLE revenue streams in your creative business, that both serve your audience/fans and share your
special gifts with the world. 

As a creative and a business owner, I know how overwhelming it is to have so many strings to your bow, so little time
(it feels!) to see them manifest, and a million new ideas coming as
fast as the speed of light!

It can be hard to see the wood for the tree's and that is where I come in.


After a 14 year career as a self-employed performer and now the Director of a profitable Limited Company, plus having founded many creative enterprises in my time, I have the tools and systems to pass onto other creatives like you, who are struggling to find the missing bits of information to help you reach the tipping points quicker in your creative businesses.

If I can start TWO new creative businesses and save my limited company during a  global pandemic, then darling,
so can you. 

Sometimes it's just a sounding board from an experienced creative business advisor, other times it may be some professional handholding whilst you set up a new project and a cheerleader to say
"YES YOU CAN" do that, whatever it is I am here to help you make more money in your creative business.


Make More Money
in your Creative Business!

Check out how to work with me below, book a discovery call, and let's toast your success and a long and
a sustainable career in the creative industry.

Love Kerri x

3 Month 1-1 Coaching Package

A 3-month rapid-fire business transformation coaching package.

Reach the tipping point in your business, and make more money in your creative business, whether it is your first client or your 1000th, we will streamline, simplify and create new consistent systems that suit you, your business and your clients.


Using my KISS method (Keep It Simple Sexy), my Sexy Systems and a combination of coaching, consultancy, 1-1, and group coaching, this 3 month package is an intensive business makeover. 


*payment plans available 

Magic Bizz Mini - Makeover 

Bring any problem; be it branding, naming, packages, marketing, systems, whatever your issue in this Magic Mini Bizz Makeover we can solve it and save you

£££ and make you £££.

Simply book in, email your bullet point problems, I will think about them before our call and we will brainstorm them together. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready to crack on and implement the next stage of your business.

You can even take the call in the bath!


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Work With Me


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