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Get Booked Bootcamp!

 Learn to be your own agent,  and get gigs on repeat that suit you your life and your schedule. 


Get Visible, Get Booked, Get Paid!
Get Booked Bootcamp is a lifetime access, self-study, supportive course, with LIVE rounds and live group coaching, to help you get your act out there, get it booked, and get paid more. Level up your promotional material as a live musician and finally have a simple structure and booking process to follow. By having a rinse-and-repeat live act, you can promote, perform, and get paid, on your own terms; is essential to your well-being as an artist. This course has been about Being able to communicate your act to potential bookers, easily and effortlessly, without reinventing the wheel for every event you perform for. 

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Mary Alcott


Sat in a cafe, on a cold and rainy Saturday evening in the north of England, I put my first ever manifesting tip to the test.

I was broken hearted and down beat at the time, a skint performer to boot. I wanted so much more for my life and I knew I was destined for so many great things, but I just felt so stuck.

So, I took myself out for a coffee and sat in the window of a cafe, with a brand new empty journal in front of me and I started to write what I really, truly wanted...

Within just ONE WEEK I had been booked for a European tour, a jazz tour in France and singing in some of the most luxurious 5 star venues i'd ever seen - see the a photo of me below!  

But you see, the trick is, it isn't what I had written on my paper that was the important thing, there were some accidental yet essential steps I followed which helped me make my dreams a reality, you see, there are so many extra steps to manifesting - a LOT more than just dreaming, vision boarding and lighting an abundance candle (these things are just one part of the process!)

For the first time ever, I have documented my processes, so you too can put them into practice and manifest the dream gigs, tours, careers of your dreams. 



From Overwhelmed to Overbooked!

" I made the whole thing in under one hour! It's amazing and so so easy! I've been waiting a long time to do this, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed with how on earth I put all of the bits into place. The finished EPK looks so good and now I am essentially my own manager and agent! It's a really easy step-by-step approach with practical suggestions on how to get bookings after. I had so much fun making it too."

Elsie Marley, Cabaret Chanteuse from Munich, Germany

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“Had some crazy dreams about my business, woke up with soo many ideas!”


“I’m just so grateful to you for reintroducing EFT back into my life, I forgot how powerful it was, that session was lovely”


“I feel tired because I stayed up really late as I was enjoying myself so much after the session”


“I feel a lot lighter now. my shoulders are lower, my back cracked and I feel energized”


“I am so confident now like I can take on anything!”


“I feel so much more relaxed now”


“I feel like kicking ass”


“The was so beautiful Kerri”


“Thank you so much!”


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What's included?

 The Course Pre-recorded modules for you to go through self-paced, access them immediately, lifetime access  valued at £3000 

 The Coaching (Live rounds only) join us for Weekly group coaching classes and weekly live Q&A's, to prevent procrastination and to help you take action, in these classes we will do the tasks you need to do in each module, Kerri can help you to make your promotional material valued at £600

 The Community   24/7 community of pro-members around the world working on their promotional material too  


valued at £3000






💰Bonus Lifetime Access to The Midas Touch lifetime access to the Manifesting and Abundance Bundle, which you can use time and time again to sprinkle gold dust on your projects Worth $333

Join the next LIVE round of 'Get Booked Bootcamp'

The next LIVE round starts May 17th, 2023

£ 987-lifetime access introductory offer 
Get instant lifetime access to this course so you can get 8i,uistuck straight in 

Payment plan 3 payments of £359

Payment plan 12 payments of £97



Who am i and why listen to me???!!!



Kerri's Coaching has been Instrumental  to my Success!

"I am thrilled to share my testimonial for Kerri Layton's 'Get Booked Bootcamp'. Kerri's training and coaching have been instrumental in helping me achieve success with my music career. Through her program, I was able to learn how to design an effective Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and pitch myself to larger venues.

As a result of Kerri's guidance, I was able to create an EPK for my femme-led jazz band, Yas Queen, which has helped us secure more gigs than ever before. Her advice on pitching shows has also been invaluable, as I was able to successfully pitch a show to a large arts establishment in Brisbane that has been booked for the end of the year.

Kerri's approach is both informative and supportive, and she truly goes above and beyond to help her clients succeed. Her knowledge and expertise in the music industry are evident, and her willingness to share her insights and experience is truly remarkable.

I highly recommend Kerri Layton's 'Get Booked Bootcamp' to anyone looking to take their music career to the next level. Her training and coaching have been transformative for me, and I am confident that they will be for anyone who takes part in her program. Thank you, Kerri, for all that you do!

Mel Lathouras is a Blues and Jazz Singer from Melbourne, Australia

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