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POWER PLANNING for performers!

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   Plan out your next 12 weeks like an absolute BOSS! 


Online VIP POWER PLANNING DAY for badasses who need help planning their diaries to be in alignment with their goals.


Get more shit done than you ever thought was possible without burning out and feeling totally overwhelmed - yes it is possible!


30th November 2021 (10:30am - 4:30pm)

Replay available 

"Most people underestimate what they can achieve in a year and overestimate what they can achieve in a month.”


That simple statement, when I heard it, had me hanging off the edge of the sofa, spitting out my frikkin wine! (I know, what a waste!)


How many times have you said, “This is the year I’ll get my album out there, I’ll launch my DJ act, I’ll launch my solo show, I’ll write my book, I’ll get my website done”. etc “It’s Easy! I have a whole entire YEAR.” Only to reach the end of the year and be in the exact same position?


That has happened to me soooo many times! 


It's demoralizing to know your potential and to not feel like you are reaching it, by not making your projects a reality.


The danger of this as we internalize it, is to mistakenly take it as proof it means we are a failure, which can make us feel uninspired or even afraid to continue and set big goals again.


It keeps us safe in our comfort zone and as Bowie said, nothing ever good grows in comfort. 


That also happened to me, many times. 


But, darling, nothing could be further than the truth.


You are not a failure. Far from it! The world needs your gifts as a performer and you are more than capable of reaching your dreams and making your projects happen.


It’s just simple planning and effective goal setting, and that, my little badasses can be learned.

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Kerri Layton's


After 16 years working in the biz as a professional performer, not only have I learnt to spell the word professional right ;) but I have also amassed some pretty badass business skills along the way, which I am now ready to pass on to others.


The School of Professional Badasses; teaching performers the business of show business, so they can have the thriving careers they deserve. 

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When: Monday 11th October, 2021 (11am - 4pm) 

Where: Online ~ your link will be sent upon booking


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