My Story

Writer, Musician and Event Consultant 

write engaging personal bio, who i am, what I love, what influences me, how I can use that to help people

I have a passion for the wellness industry after healing myself from Fibromyalgia and M.E.  Using a variety of mindset tools, healing therapies, coaching and advanced nutrition. Coupled with 12 years on the stage as an entertainer, where vanity and wellness are literally in the job title, I have found a niche I want to support and see thrive in these testing times, accessing as many people as possible 

Whether you are an online therapist, a mindset coach, a business coach for therapists or you have a product-based business or a service,  I can help you and your wellness business with a variety of health-enhancing, SEO rich creative content that resonates with your targeted audience and converts them into paying customers.

My Mission

Who am I though? Like seriously! Who am I to promote such bold claims?

Well, I'm Kerri. Serial entrepreneur in the arts, Singer, Director, Founder of Dixiebird Records and Event Consultant/Coach.

My experience writing copy has helped sell shows to over 60,000 people over the past 12 years. My press releases have gained National and International media and I have brought online web traffic to my company Dixiebird Records by enhancing my text with strategically worded copy.


My natural flair for writing started at a young age when my poem 'No One to Love' was published in a national book of kids poems at age 6 (ahh) and throughout my career, stories are the bedrock of community and such, happiness. We use stories to connect with each other, to learn from each other and it is my mission to use my natural ability to communicate creatively., to bring. you more of your ideal audience, connect your vision with your tribe and help you flourish as together we heal the world, one website at a time.