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I AM ON A MISSION ​to help fellow performers develop the badass (show) business skills they need to create thriving careers and build the lives they absolutely deserve. 

​I have hustled, bustled, shimmied, and shaken my way from gig to gig, contract to contract and show to show. It was a constant feast or famine cycle that didn't do my sense of self-worth any good, nor my bank balance!


​The thing is, I was doing well though, in fact, I was smashing my career as a solo artist, headlining festivals, playing Glastonbury, Hackney Empire and Alexandra Palace with my then cabaret act 'Lady Layton’.  From the outside looking in, you would have thought I could have bought a house from all the shows I was doing, but the truth is, I was hand to mouth. I was sometimes behind with my rent, constantly overdrawn and just wishing and praying for those extra big gigs once a month to bring me back into balance.

It was a tightrope act that had no room for slipping up. Then, in 2017, after headlining a show to over 60,000 people; disaster struck. I woke up one morning with what I called ‘robot voice’ and was rushed into hospital for an emergency operation. I had torn one of my vocal cords.

I lost thousands of pounds in gig revenue and, as I had no way of earning money when I wasn't on a stage somewhere, I had to take out loans to survive and go on benefits which led to a really depressing and difficult period of my life. 

With no idea if my voice would even come back, I laid there for over 4 months, healing from the mental, emotional and physical turmoil of losing my career; “would I ever even be able to sing again, do a show, entertain people?” What felt like my one and only joy in life, my reason for living was taken away from me. My one and only way of connecting with the world was gone and I felt alone and scared, I honestly had no clue how I would overcome any of this. 

One day while I laid there, in a rare moment of stillness, a beautiful vision come to me, it was a true epiphany as I realised that, no matter if my voice came back or not, I could still get my message out to the world and help make it a sparklier more magical place by setting up a live music agency which specialized in acts similar to mine; I would start a company! 

My voice came back, better than ever (thankfully!) but I was also now so driven by my idea that I poured everything into learning how to build and scale a company; from scratch.

​It was a success! By March 2020 I had just about salaried myself, I had an amazing small team working with me and things were rolling over nicely, I was booking over 60k's worth of shows a year for my acts, my company was growing and achieving recognition on a global scale and I was proudly, regularly contributing to the living wages of over 20 musicians. I felt really happy and took a deep breath as I booked myself a well-deserved trip home to see my family and friends.

​I laid on the bed of the 4 star hotel I had booked for myself, ordered room service, and for the first time in months turned the TV on.  A strange virus from China was on the rise and as we all were to find out by the following week, the whole entire world would be in lockdown. 

I lost everything, quite literally, overnight.

My entire business collapsed. 

The gut-wrenching days that followed speaking to clients, my team, and artists, canceling all the events and contracts I had worked so hard to get, laying people off; I sobbed on my desk unsure what to do next.

It was utterly devastating.

It was financial ruin. 

Again, I found myself in a situation where I simply had to fight. 

But I was stronger, this time. Not only was I not going through this alone. (You can't underestimate the power of shared trauma and experience!)


This time I had knowledge. This time I had skills, and I knew if I could apply them and show up everyday, I would be fine...I just knew I had to experiment. 

So, I experimented and quickly started a new business; an online Drama School for Children who were stuck at home on lockdown. It was a great success and within just 6 weeks we had turned a profit and had over 300 families taking part in our online challenges. 

And it's led me to where I am today, the proud owner of two growing businesses.

In under 4 years, I have successfully built two start-ups from scratch, using nothing but my contacts, my brain, and my laptop. 

And the truth is it really doesn't take long to get to an idea to work,​ when I have reached my biggest goals, two things have helped me, I have worked with various coaches and I have always had a giant WHY.. 

Because it’s the WHY that will always pull you through. No. matter. what. 

 Your WHY will help you have the tenacity to keep going and your coach will give you support, guidance, focus and show you the way to do it, quickly

"It’s not only on the stage you shine the brightest, but it’s backstage, in the wings,

amongst the darkest shadows of adversity."

​So whatever your WHY is and your reason for being here today, know that I've got you.


Let’s do this. 

​You can work with me in a variety of ways, so if you haven't yet, go and join our FB community

'Backstage Badasses' and see the free training 'Power Hour'.

​If you are ready to take things a step further, book a ‘Hiya Luv’ call with me and see the various ways we can work together in the coaching section here. 

​Can't wait to hang out with you, Badass,

​Love Kerri xx

 I'm Kerri, it's nice to meet you!

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