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"Unleash Your Potential" 

 An Immersive 1-1 Life and Business Coaching Experience for Musicians and  Music Industry Leaders with Kerri Layton -"Under My Wing"

"I never would have achieved this on my own!"

 That was the enthusiastic feedback I received from my client Katherine after just a few confidence-boosting strategy calls in our 'Under My Wing' 1-1 coaching package. With my support, she contacted a Hollywood casting agent for her Amy Winehouse tribute band, putting herself out there like never before and landing one of her players a dream role in a biopic story about Amy Winehouse.

I remember the excitement in her voice as she explained that not only had she emailed this person, but she had also tracked down their number and CALLED THEM!


I helped Katherine to make timely follow-up calls and kept her mindset strong while she waited for the outcome, enabling her to focus on other parts of her project.

That's the power of the ripple effect. That's the power of having a heart-led coach who can hold you accountable and provide the necessary support to help you achieve your goals.


With over 16 years of industry experience in music, business, education, and entertainment, I have the skills, heart, and strategies to take you beyond where you didn't even know you wanted to go.


Long LastingTransformations

These are some of the results my legendary 1-1 clients have achieved in our 6 months together! 

My client, German Diction Singing Coach, Anna went from chronically undercharging, to literally quadrupling her prices, selling her music in her sleep, booking out her group course, finding joy in her business, and generating regular revenue, "I've never felt this in flow with my business, I have about 3 years worth of ideas to implement after working with Kerri!"

Composer and children's musician, Emma went from not knowing how to make an income or an impact with her talents to having content go viral, positioning herself as an online superstar, gaining international agents and bookings, developing a new show, and adding

multiple income streams to her music business. 

Ex-performer now Yoga Teacher and PMDD Coach, Sorcha, went from being overwhelmed in her approach to her online business, to gaining crystal clear clarity on an idea and getting over 150 sign-ups to her workshop!

Entertainment Agency Director, Lara*, (*the name is changed at the client's discretion)  ditched answering client calls and responding to inquiries in the queue at Tesco, having little time with her family and feeling stressed, to being calm, and serene - scaling her team and business, to winning an award and creating 65k revenue in just the first 3 months of working together, she now takes guilt-free vacations with her son and continues raising her aligned prices!

What will YOUR results be?

Sometimes all it takes is
just ONE lightbulb moment for everything to click into place 


Hello, I'm Kerri

If this is our first time meeting, then I am so excited to meet you. 'Under My Wing' is my proven 6-month, immersive transformation, and success coaching program, for ambitious artists who expect exceptional results. 


The music business, both live and recorded is no different from any other service or product-based industry. In my many ups and downs in the entertainment world, I have become a total badass at juggling life, business, my music career, and my creativity. I love that I am now helping talented musicians like YOU to do the same.

Warning: This program WILL cause excited outbursts via voice notes!
(Oh, and it could change your life)

🎉A bold statement, but it's true ;) If you are ready to EXPLODE your music business, make LONG LASTING changes and see a FINANCIAL RETURN on your talents, winning JOY and TIME back in the process 🚀 Then apply for my 'Under My Wing' coaching program!👩‍🏫

 With bi-weekly Zoom calls, Voxer support, and Bespoke EFT, plus exclusive resources and templates, you'll have everything you need to take your music, life, and business to the next level and beyond.📈

I'm here to guide you every step of the way, providing personalized coaching, mentoring, and support to help you reach your goals. Whether you're a gigging musician, original artist, talent agent, or have another exciting project in music; I'll help you harness your talents, prioritize what needs to happen next, and together we will turn them into a wildly profitable business.


Why choose me?

As a seasoned musician and business owner with 16 years of experience under my belt, I'm on a mission to help musicians of all levels thrive while doing what they love. My journey in music has taken me from singing to booking gigs, leading bands, and producing events. Along the way, I've also acquired leadership qualifications from the AYL and CASC, as well as become a certified EFT practitioner.

Education, empowerment, music, and art have been my driving passions since the very start of my career. And in 2019, I experienced the transformative power of coaching first-hand, after facing some difficult challenges - including a vocal operation that put my musical career on hold and a long legal battle with a stalker that broke me financially. With the help of a talented coach, I was able to turn my life around and even managed to generate nearly six figures for my live music agency that year.

The pandemic may have put my live music agency on pause, but I wasn't deterred. Instead, I used my experience to create an online digital drama academy for children, which became profitable within just six weeks. My work has since been featured across major media outlets, including the BBC, ITV News, and The Evening Standard, and I was even named Inspirational Woman at We Are City Voices.

As a published author and recording artist, I've released records with notable labels such as Awesome Records and Leesta Vall Records. I've also won awards and was a finalist in the prestigious Peter Whittingham Jazz Awards 2019. My band and the live acts I work with have performed at renowned venues such as Glastonbury Festival, Alexandra Palace, and Hackney Empire. Meanwhile, my live artists have graced stages at 5-star hotels in Dubai, The Savoy, and worked with celebrity clients such as Madonna, Goldie, Elton John, and Run The Jewels.

But it's not just about strategy and skills. As a certified EFT practitioner and energy healer, I firmly believe in the importance of a holistic approach to thriving in the industry. My unique combination of strategy, mindset, guidance, and energy healing makes me the ideal partner for musicians looking to navigate the many layers of a career in music and make their mark in the industry.


Daring to Dream!

After just a couple of sessions with Kerri I can already feel a big shift in my business. A huge increase in clarity and direction and a crystallizing business plan which I feel really confident about and proud of! I barely dared to dream that I could build a business around something I’m so passionate about, but now I can see it starting to happen. I would highly recommend working with Kerri!

Emma peromo .jpeg

Emma Greenfield is a singer, musician, composer and educator.


Another Level!

"I really enjoyed the goal-setting VIP day with Kerri - it was a good mix of being both fun and productive! 🙌🏻 Although I’ve been a goal setter for a long time and regularly planned out a general overview for my business every year, Kerri introduced me to a new approach that helped me explore my goals in a different way. Looking at things with fresh eyes can be the key to taking things to another level. Not to mention, the energy of being in a room with other focussed and driven people really helps boost morale. It also gives you an opportunity to bounce some ideas around with other like minds, which is soooo nice when you’re self-employed and often left to your own devices!

Lorena Dale is a singer, coach, and recording artist.


Plan of Action!

"Kerri has been a massive support, having her as my coach is very valuable to me and is helping me in the areas I most need it! I’ve had a session today and I have already actioned several tasks I’ve been procrastinating on for months and have a plan of action to continue working on. Thank you!"

Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 14.50.11.png

Tashara Forrest is an award-winning soul singer, founder of Sleeke Chix

'Under My Wing'  Package Breakdown

Your 6-month package includes a total of:

📞 12-18 x 60 min calls - I recommend 1 x session a week to get started, and then we move onto bi-weekly Zoom calls

📲 Voxer support (be mentored on the move!)

📝 A bespoke EFT script and manifesting hacks

🎉 A backstage area for just you and me, exclusive resources, and templates

You'll have literally everything you need to take your music, life, and business to the next level and beyond.📈 ❤️

I'm here to guide you every step of the way, providing personalized coaching, mentoring, and support to help you reach your goals.🤝

Whether you're a gigging musician, original artist, booking agent, or have another exciting project in music; I'll help you harness your talents, prioritize what needs to happen next, and together we will turn them into a wildly profitable, thriving business in music.💰

Apply now and let's make your dreams a reality!💫 ❤️


The Next Steps 

  • First, book a complimentary 'Gold Mine' strategy call with me and fill out the form with as much information as possible about what you need help with. 📝 This will help me get a clear idea of where you're at.

  • Second, if we're a good match and I believe I can help you, I'll offer you a tailored coaching package. 🤝 If I have availability, we can dive right in! Otherwise, you can reserve a spot for the next available opening.

  • Third, once you sign up, you'll receive a welcome packet with powerful questions to ponder, a GSD (Get Shit Done) template, and access to a unique backstage area for sharing resources and tools. 📩 You'll also be given a link to book your sessions with me when it suits you and a Voxer walkie-talkie, which is exclusively for my 1-1 clients📲

The Access ALL Areas (AAA+A) Framework

Whilst your 'Under My Wing' 1-1 coaching package is 100% tailored to you and your individual needs, wants, and aspirations - The Access ALL Areas (AAA+A) framework which runs at the heart of all my work, covers four main areas to keep you on track and achieving the results you desire.

Artistry: 🎨🎶 Audience: 📣👥 Affluence: 💰🔧  + Abracadabra: 🧚✨

🎨🎶 Artistry: We make sure your artistic message, your niche, your unique value, your style, your brand, and your overall image - positioning in your marketplace are on point. This helps you to stand out from the crowd and speak to the heart of your ideal booker, client, or music fan. We also do an act audit on your music, show, or album release - whatever the 'product' or 'service' is and polish it where needed.

📣👥Audience: We go deeper into identifying your ideal clients or fan base. Work on building your aligned audience by gaining valuable PR and media exposure. By creating your marketing strategies together; at the same time as building your community, we will be developing your fan /sales funnel, building your online presence, and nurturing your fans and community, so when you are ready to get booked, get a launch sold out or blow up your next offer, they will be ready and waiting.

💰🔧Affluence: This focuses on oiling the money-making machines in your music business. Sales strategies to generate income with your music business, even while you sleep, lead magnets and fan funnels; we can work on getting you an aligned and active agent, implement your internal systems, and make templates, electronic press kits (EPKs), promo packs and so much more - ultimately ensuring you are making consistent money with your art, you never miss a beat when it comes to making money again, and you create not only a 'living' but a thriving life in music. 

🧚✨Abracadabra: The magic part of our work together! The part that really ties it all together. Through mindset and energy work, we deep dive into tailor-made affirmations, bespoke Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions, and manifesting makeovers to keep you on track and magnetic to your dreams and goals. This part is like uncovering the muck that keeps you stuck and then sprinkling fairy dust on it to help it blossom.  

Through a fun, no-BS approach, we work on these touchpoints during your package, tailored to your needs, so you can thrive in all areas of your life. If you're interested in applying to the 'Under My Wing' coaching package, book a strategy call here

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