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The Ultimate Transformation

"Under My Wing" 1-1 VIP Mentoring for Musicians on a Mission

Success is different for everyone. At all levels, we need support to take us to where we want to go.

Emerging performers and creatives want more money, more recognition, and more bookings.  Established performers and creatives want more time, more creative freedom, more financial freedom, and the ability to earn money in their sleep.


1-1 Coaching is by far the most effective way of hitting any goal quicker than you can say

"Holy shit, I did it!"

When you hire a coach, you hire someone who has your back 24/7. Someone who can hold a mirror and reflect back to you all your inner mindset monkeys. Someone who has been there, made the mistakes, got the teeshirt, and built the strategies to get the simplest, quickest results. Someone who keeps you accountable, on track, and has the skillset to save you money and make you money.


Business is hard work on your own. Putting your idea out to the world, whilst working towards goals and overcoming all the daily challenges, is a process that can't be underestimated. It is often a delicate balance between self-belief, total confidence, a KISS* strategy and a badass, "fuck it" mentality.

My 1-1 clients see epic results. 

Depending on their start point, the transformations are often nothing short of unrecognizable from where they were at the start.

*KISS is my strategy for everything Keep It Simple Sexy 

Copy of Coaching insta (1).png

These are some of the results my 1-1 clients have achieved in our 6 months together! 

My client, German Diction Singing Coach, Anna who went from chronically undercharging, to x4 her income, selling in her sleep, selling out her group course, finding joy in her business, and generating regular revenue, "I've never felt this in flow with my business, I have about 3 years worth of ideas to implement after working with Kerri!"

 Creative nail tech, Yve who detached from struggling business owner mode, with no clients, to being booked out - months in advance in just 2 weeks of working together!

Composer and children's musician, Emma went from not knowing how to make an income or an impact with her talents to having content go viral, positioning herself as an online superstar, gaining international agents and bookings, developing a new show, and adding multiple income streams to her business. 

Yoga Teacher and PMDD Coach, Sorcha, went from being overwhelmed in her approach to her online business, to gaining crystal clear clarity on an idea and getting over 150 sign-ups to her workshop!

Soul singer and entrepreneur Katherine said goodbye to her imposter syndrome for good and within a matter of days of taking out a coaching package, had a call with a Hollywood casting director for a dream role.

Entertainment Agency Director, Lara, (the name is changed at client's discretion)  ditched answering client calls and responding to inquiries in the queue at Tesco, having little time with her family and feeling stressed, to being calm, and serene - scaling her team and business, to winning an award and creating 65k revenue in just the first 3 months of working together, she now takes guilt-free vacations with her son and continues raising her prices!

What will YOUR results be?

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Daring to Dream!

After just a couple of sessions with Kerri I can already feel a big shift in my business. A huge increase in clarity and direction and a crystallizing business plan which I feel really confident about and proud of! I barely dared to dream that I could build a business around something I’m so passionate about, but now I can see it starting to happen. I would highly recommend working with Kerri!

Emma peromo .jpeg

Emma Greenfield is a singer, musician, composer and educator.


Another Level!

"I really enjoyed the goal-setting VIP day with Kerri - it was a good mix of being both fun and productive! 🙌🏻 Although I’ve been a goal setter for a long time and regularly planned out a general overview for my business every year, Kerri introduced me to a new approach which helped me explore my goals in a different way. Looking at things with fresh eyes can be the key to taking things to another level. Not to mention, the energy of being in a room with other focussed and driven people really helps boost morale. It also gives you an opportunity to bounce some ideas around with other like minds, which is soooo nice when you’re self-employed and often left to your own devices!

Lorena Dale is a singer, coach, and recording artist.


Plan of Action!

"Kerri has been a massive support, having her as my coach is very valuable to me and is helping me in the areas I most need it! I’ve had a session today and I have already actioned several tasks I’ve been procrastinating on for months and have a plan of action to continue working on. Thank you!"

Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 14.50.11.png

Tashara Forrest is an award-winning soul singer, founder of Sleeke Chix

What are the next steps?

Book a call below, it's important we get to know one another, and if the coaching is a good fit.

The first call is always free, and my Gold Mine calls are a great place to start working on your mega mission!

During our call, if I think you are ready for 1-1 coaching, l I will make you an offer to work together, and if you're not ready yet - no sweat!

I will recommend something for you to work on, or invite you to another program that suits you and we can catch up again a few months down the line.

If I know I can help you, I will make you an offer of coaching! My biggest pain in life is seeing talented people not living life to their full potential. My coaching packages are designed to holistically support you in all areas of business, mindset, energy healing, and personal development, so you can level up and be the business badass you were always destined to be. Getting results like my clients above and more. 


My most popular coaching is my 6 Month "Under My Wing" package, which includes:

  • x 1 60 min 1-1 zoom every 2 weeks 

  • Unlimited 'Voxer' support - this 'pocket coaching' is so valuable, it has helped my clients get sales, and bookings, sign international agents and gain press features, ask questions about their systems, marketing, and whatever the homework is they are working on between sessions.

  • Access to templates, resources, and pre-recorded training as required

  • BONUS: My VIP 1-1 clients on my 6-month coaching program get access to all and any group training I release in this time too, as well as lifetime complimentary access to The Midas Touch Money Mindset Bundle.   


I won't be able to offer these "Gold Mine" 1-1 calls forever, they are extremely time-limited and limited to only 10 calls a month, so make this year the year you take action, no more excuses, start to develop the mindset and habits that will take you places. 



All of the work we do together in your business coaching package is completely unique to you, unique to your needs your time, and your project.


There is no one size fits all approach, though my Access All Areas (AAA) framework, covering three main areas below will keep you on track, accountable, and achieving the results you desire.


-Your artistic message 

- Your niche and unique value

- Your style and brand

- Overall image and positioning


- Ideal bookers, clients, or fan base

- getting valuable PR and media exposure

- Marketing and building your community 

- Developing your fan funnel

- Building your online presence 

- Nurturing your fans and community 


- Selling for empaths and creatives

- Sales in your sleep!

- Lead magnets and fan funnels

- Get an agent

- Systems and templates

- Making consistent money with your art

These are just some of the touch points we cover, in a fun, down-to-earth, no-BS way - let's get cracking and make you and your business more money so you can thrive in all areas of your life this year and beyond. 

If you have had a call and have been offered a place, choose a payment plan below to enroll or speak to Kerri or one of her team to raise an invoice and get started with your coaching pack.

$3000 6 Month program fee

For a pay-in-full discount of 10% contact Kerri for an invoice

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